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Modern House

Available Services

Property Handover Inspection

This service is the most provided service in the UAE real estate market due to the scale of newly handed over developments in the past 5 years.

Move In/Out Inspection

This thorough inspection provides owners and tenants with peace of mind and avoids maintenance issues that may materialize once you have bought the property or moved in. 

End of defect liability period (DLP) Inspection 

This service gives an insight into their property condition which can be shared with the developer or contractor while they are still liable to rectify any defects.

The standard DLP in the UAE is 11 months.  

Thermal Imaging Inspection 

Our thermal imaging inspection allows us to ensure your windows and doors are free from hot air ingress, no insulation voids or thermal bridging issues are present and your cooling system is running correctly

Secondary Market Purchase Inspection

We help buyers in evaluating the property's condition to ensure that they have purchased a property in a good state without the need to deal
with unforeseen defects in the future.

Life Time Support

Once our report is provided, you can always reach out to us for any questions or clarifications.

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